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USA Today's 100 Black Writers You should know

As a writer I find this link very cool. I'm anxious to see who is number 1.  One day I hope to be on such a list.  Click here USA 100 Top Black Writers .

My New Years Resolutions - 2021

  Here is a video where I share my New Years Resolutions.  It's good to set attainable goals and strive to reach them.  The beginning of the New Year brings change.  Why not try to improve yourself and do better than you did last year.  I am 50 years old now (December 5th my birthday). It's time to act my age and to responsible.  I have faults I have messed up very badly in the past and my goal is learn from my mistakes and to stop repeating them.

The Renewed Purpose of this blog by Derrick W. Jackson

  The Purpose of this blog is to show and promote my art and books that I've written.  I plan to share my thoughts and my opinions, music and movies that I see. I love to write and draw and I've found that with twitter and Instagram I was not getting enough likes or retweets.  Instead of building a following on twitter, someone else's website,  I prefer to do it on my own site .  I welcome and want your feedback good or bad and I hope to teach others not to make the mistakes I've made during this journey of creating a successful business. I have a quote, "There is enough sleeping for the grave." In the past I dealt with depression and I used to sleep a lot sometimes the whole day.  I appreciate what God has blessed me with and a new day, every new day is a gift from God.  I want to live by  that quote and not let the past, or new problems get me down.

The Power of Broke by Daymond John

  I'm reading The Power of Broke by Daymond John .  For those who don't know Daymond founded the popular clothing brand FUBU which means "For Us By Us".  He is a fashion mogul and businessman and is seen on the TV Show, Shark Tank.  As I read John's book I inhaling the golden nuggets of information that he is giving.  I've made a lot of mistakes along the way of having a successful business.  It's good to look at those who succeed and see how they did it. In The Power of Broke, Daymond says to Stay Hungry - "it helps you to realize your dream because it forces you to keep that dream real."

Song Cry by Jay Z

Music inspires me a great deal.  I listen and it helps me stay motivated, upbeat, and positive.  Jay Z is one of my favorite Rappers.  I would say Drake, Jay Z, Tupac, Notorious BIG, and Nas are my top 5 favorite rappers.  When I draw I listen to music. I think if affects my works and helps me to do a better drawing.

Queen and Slim by Derrick W. Jackson

  I did this picture of Queen and Slim from the movie of the same name.  I nailed Queen but the guy does not look like Slim.  Although the seats were green in the picture I drew some, I believe I should have done a different color.  My brother said this picture was ok.  I think it looks good and I got to keep at it.