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Finish it

 I decided that after I get back from my trip to Georgia, I will work on FIST. I'm excited about it. I want to see it thru to see how it turns out.


I'm debating whether to do this magazine now. I had planned to include celebrities, but legally you can't really have celebrities in your magazine without paying them a licensing fee for their picture. I thought about doing it anyway and making it free. That's not a good idea because I need to make money from my art. I'm going to Georgia this week for my nephew's wedding. I will be thinking about this while there. 

Fist Magazine coming in April 2022

 Fist is an art magazine.  Initially done by Derrick W. Jackson the intent is for multiple Black artists to submit their works to this magazine. Currently, I am working on the cover. While not all pictures will be of Black people, this magazine will showcase the works of black artists or anyone who draws Black subject matter.

Foreigner - Agent Provocateur


The Mess Sergeant's Son


Aaliyah - The Girl of Your Dreams - By Derrick W. Jackson

  Aaliyah - The Girl of Your Dreams by Derrick W.Jackson 2017-2018 Click on the picture to expand.

Picture from Aaliyah Age of Angels

 Please checkout my book, Aaliyah Age of Angels, in my library, 4 Leaf Clover.  It was done in 2017 and I at the time was using the pen name, Integrity. Hope you like it.

Prince - Purple Rain

  Prince is my favorite artist of all time. His movie Purple Rain is so inspirational to me.  It's so sad that we lost him so soon. Even after he is gone he is inspiring us with the music he left.

George Michael - "One More Try"

  George Michael continues to inspire me even after his death.  Never give up. Keep trying and working hard at your craft.

Jesse Powell "Is It Over"

  I posted this video to twitter almost a month ago and decided today to post it on my blog. It wasn't meant to be for a girl I was just thinking that I was going to quit drawing and focus on my writing. I can't quit. I've come so far with it. I was actually hurt though by what a woman just did to me. It was over before it started that's all I can say.