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Focusing on Freelance work via

I've known about, a freelance work website, for some time now. I've tried submitting proposals and have yet to find work thru the site. I decided to keep at it because they have so much work for freelance artists. Click here to view my profile on Upwork .

Prince William / Prince Harry

I drew Princess Diana first then decided to draw her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.  I had poster prints made at Office Depot.  I saw that I had more work to do on Prince William and drew on the glossy paper with sharpie markers and realized how much better it looked.  I wondered if other artists knew of the secret of drawing on glossy paper.

Morris Day and The Time

I drew this picture of Morris Day and the Time in 2017 when I was renting a 2 bedroom duplex.  2017/2018 was a pivotal year for my art.  It's 18x24.  Like a lot of my art, I don't have the originals.

Why Are My Books and Art FREE?

It's hard to get someone to buy your work especially when you are UNKNOWN.  I know that financially this hits me in the wallet, but if enough people see my art and writings, I can build an audience and become known to my readers.  I'm not saying I'll never charge people.  Some of my books are online at  I expect something.  If you are reading books in my library, 4Leaf Clover, I hope you can return the favor by buying some of my works.  Basically writing is a CATCH22. You have to be known to sell books but how do you sell books if you are unknown.


I want to keep visitors on my blog for as long as I can.  I like this radio station, 1Xtra, that is online so I embedded the webpage (BBC Sounds player) using the <object> tag.  A sample is: <object width=400 height=400 data="url of the webpage you want to embed"></object>

Amplify DOT (ADOT / Dotty)

Amplify Dot, a radio personality on 1Xtra, is my favorite.  1Xtra is my favorite station.  Yes I have my crush on her but seriously she is a force on the morning show to be reckoned with.  Dotty has interviewed Stormz, Will Smith and Denzel Washington to name a few.  She has done work for MTV.  There is no stopping this woman.  View the Stormz interview below.

Prince - I Can't Make You Love Me

I drew this picture of Prince in 2017.  It is my best one of him to date.  I had no idea when the artist, Tank, sung "I Can't Make You Love Me", that it was a Prince remake from the Emancipation CD.  I love the song both versions and here is Prince original version for you to hear. Get  The Very Best of Prince

Trump A Polarizing Figure

Donald Trump is an in your face, so what, F&!@# you kind of Guy.  He seems to be a TEFLON DON and no wrongdoing by him seems to keep his base from supporting him.  Trump has landed in hot water this time as an insider / whistleblower has reported wrongdoings that threatens Trump's presidency by impeachment.

An Artist Now

I know that I am an artist now.  I have to work everyday to achieve my dream of being the best artist.  I slept a lot today.  That can't happen anymore.  I have to work to stay motivated and inspired.  Listen to music, watch movies, watch tv shows, what ever it takes to stay positive, upbeat and motivated. I drew this picture back in 2017 when I was calling myself REAZUN. And I had done my art book, The Guiding Principles.  At the time I had my crush on Suzanne Malvaex at CNN.

Ed Sheeran "Take Me Back to London" feat Stormz

After hearing this song on 1Xtra, the superhot radio station I had to get the album which is No 6. Collaboration Projects by Ed Sheeran. I love the song and I am not even from London. It's a great song and it caught my attention. I had heard of Ed Sheeran but this song is one that drew me in. INSPIRED!!!!


I drew this picture when I wrote and illustrated Aaliyah Age of Angels, an unofficial graphic bio about Aaliyah.  I got this pose from Aaliyah's "More Than A Woman" video.  Aaliyah's music has stood the test of time.  Click the picture to see a larger view.

Self Portrait - Derrick W. Jackson

Self portraits to me are one of the hardest subjects to draw, yourself.  I view my self as an intelligent, handsome, honest Black man who although messed up in the past, but is on his way to doing big things. View The Derrick W. Jackson Art Portfolio 2019 on my Google Drive.

Welcome to The Sketchbook by Derrick W. Jackson

I'm glad that you took the time to read my blog.  The Sketchbook, features my artwork and writings.  I started drawing at a young age although I ended up being a computer programmer.  Now I am back to doing my art since 2005.  I want to share it with you all.  I solicit your comments and feedback good or bad.  Enjoy. Note the above picture was used for the cover of The 1Xtra Sketchbook , a book of pictures of all the radio personalities at the superhot, UK, radio station, 1Xtra. Also view The 1Xtra Coloring Book . GET THE DERRICK W. JACKSON ART PORTFOLIO 2019. Quantum: A Thriller (Captain Chase Book 1)