The Renewed Purpose of this blog by Derrick W. Jackson


The Purpose of this blog is to show and promote my art and books that I've written.  I plan to share my thoughts and my opinions, music and movies that I see. I love to write and draw and I've found that with twitter and Instagram I was not getting enough likes or retweets.  Instead of building a following on twitter, someone else's website,  I prefer to do it on my own site

I welcome and want your feedback good or bad and I hope to teach others not to make the mistakes I've made during this journey of creating a successful business.

I have a quote, "There is enough sleeping for the grave." In the past I dealt with depression and I used to sleep a lot sometimes the whole day.  I appreciate what God has blessed me with and a new day, every new day is a gift from God.  I want to live by  that quote and not let the past, or new problems get me down.


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