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Re-Focus on Art

 I am torn between two loves: Art and Writing.  As of now I'm choosing to focus on art and also doing art books.  Ebro's Top 50 Rappers, The 1Xtra Sketchbook, and The Guiding Principles are great projects that I enjoyed doing.  I can always write and I will never say never.  Sometimes when inspiration strikes you have to see it through.  But If I dedicate myself to being a great artist I know that I will improve and be competitive.  If my art was as good as Aaron Kai Bateman or Matt Busch do you know what I would do and then combine my writing!!! Ah perchance to dream!!! I am currently working on Faces of the Civil Rights Movement and The Derrick W. Jackson Sketchbook.

#Selfie Derrick W. Jackson


Keep Moving Forward

 I have had trouble letting the past go.  Everyone makes mistakes and I've made some major ones.  My art has kept me going when I've wanted to give up on my dreams.  That is to fully support my self with my art and books.  Just recently I've gone back to finish The Faces of The Civil Right Movement book that I did in 2019.  There were so many that I left out so here are two pics of MLK that I did today.