Always, a song by Derrick W. Jackson

Always is a song I did years ago. To Listen to Always Click Here

I made this song back n 2013-2014. It is a tribute to the legendary Pebbles who has a cool song named Always. This song was freestyled.

Lyrics - Always by Derrick W. Jackson - 2013 - this song was freestyle
Karaoke, rude
I Love You Always
I know you have been hurt before
I know they walked out your door
I know you cried all night
I'm the Night to light your way
I'm the one to Sun your Day
I'm the one to slow your fall
I'm the one to give it all
I'm the one for Always
Always, Always
Sparkle, Sparkle, Shine For Me
Shine for me, Girl
Because I shine for you
MJSparkle33 you made a song just for me
Always, Always
I AM Always Attracted
Always Repulsed
Always Hurt
Always Offended
Because I'm not the only one
The Only One
I'm gonna let the music play
Sparkle in My Life


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