Marketing and Promotion of my book The Derrick W. Jackson Art Portfolio

If you look thru my library, 4Leaf Clover, you will see that i have several books that I've done.  When I first started using Amazon I had one book, Catch 22, that sold fairly well with little to no promotion.  Lately my books have not been selling.  I went to VCU Barnes and Nobles to gather my thoughts on how I can sell my books.  Heck I thought about walking down  Broad street and approaching people to buy it.  It was drizzling and I just did not want to do that.  What can I do to increase my sells on kindle and offline?  One bright spot, I did leave a copy at Velocity Comics down the street from Barnes and Nobles and I asked the worker there if they had a local artists section and he said yes.  Mistakenly I did not get his name.  Also, I bought a hardback copy of a James Bond Graphic Novel.

I have a very good and thorough book on self publishing that I have barely read only skimmed it for ideas.  I guess I can start there as I trying to think of ways of promoting my books.


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